A Mechanism of methods used when working with documents and processing documents using artificial intelligence

Image recognition working mechanism


  • Umit Saktashova Astana international university, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


Artificial intelligence, electronic document, neural network, recursive networks, NLP.


Automation of the processes of analysis, processing and transmission of information in the
development of information systems reduces the complexity of implementation, time and material costs,
frees up the resources of developers to solve more complex and creative tasks. The transition of document
management now to electronic document management technologies not only dramatically accelerates the
speed of business processes of companies, but also provides cost savings when abandoning paper media, to
minimize most operations when processing electronic documents, the use of artificial intelligence
technologies is considered effective. In the article I will consider the possibilities of artificial intelligence
technologies used in the process of enterprises, in converting documents into electronic and in the exchange
of electronic documents.
Depending on the structure of the text, the review of the applied methods of artificial intelligence, neural
networks and the analysis of their work processes is carried out. Depending on the structure of the document,
neural networks are used. Various recognition methods can be used for image recognition according to the
characteristics of the recognized characters. The article describes the mechanism of image recognition, the
document processing process, the operation of NLP algorithms. Processing documents of a professional
organization with the help of artificial intelligence used in it improves the quality of the document flow of
the enterprise, leads to time savings and cost reduction.


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