Key tools in the development of educational platforms "Up skills"



Courses, video tutorials, trainings, gamification, distance learning, curator, programming, educational platform.


 This research is aimed at developing unique software to eliminate the problem when choosing
one or another platform for the implementation of this kind of educational services. When developing
software products, you never act on a whim - at least not unless you are planning business suicide. There
is always a step-by-step plan that you follow to move from one stage to the next, making sure you don't slip
as you move from idea to implementation. This article is an immersive overview of the software
development process. As part of the product discovery process, it's all about connecting the dots between
what you intend to build and whether or not someone will ever want you to use it. At this point, you should
already know enough why you are creating a product and who its end users are. But you need a more
coherent strategy to speed up the design process with your team. In addition to paid educational courses
with documentary evidence of learning outcomes, there are also opportunities for free online education.
Educational programs involve several levels of training, different in duration and quality.


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